Writing Courses

Most composition (C) courses are offered through one of the English department's two writing programs, the Expository Writing Program and the Interdisciplinary Writing Program. 

Additional writing (W) courses are offered in a wide range of departments each quarter. The best way to find W courses is to use the Gen. Ed. Requirement Course Search tool (select Writing Courses (W) in the dropdown menu)

Writing & Research Support

There are many ways to get support for your writing on campus, including several tutoring centers:

Odegaard Writing and Research Center (OWRC) offers tutoring and coaching on student writing and research, by appointment

Center for Learning and Undergraduate Enrichment (CLUE) offers tutoring and peer-to-peer support on a drop-in basis

The Instructional Center offers drop-in writing support

Student-Athlete Academic Services offers tutoring for student-athletes

The Department of Communication Speaking Center offers space for any student to practice speech-making, and offers feedback

Subject area librarians at the UW Libraries can help you get started on research in a particular field

Discipline-Specific Writing Centers

If you are looking for support writing for a particular course, there are a number of discipline-specific writing centers on campus:

Writing Center for students in Political Science; Law, Societies, & Justice; the Jackson School; and Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies

The History Writing Center supports any student enrolled in a History class

The Philosophy Writing Center supports students writing in Philosophy

The Psychology Writing Center offers consultation for students as well as TAs and instructors developing writing assignments

The Sociology Writing Center provides tutoring support to any undergraduate taking a Sociology course

The School of Social Work Writing Center provides tutoring for Social Work students in the BASW, MSW, and PhD programs

The College of Education Writing Center offers writing support for Education students

Other Writing & Communication Initiatives

College of the Environment's Science Communication & Outreach offers events, fellowships, and resources related to science communication.

Writing Support on Other UW Campuses

The UW Tacoma Writing Center offers tutoring and support for undergraduates and graduate students, in-person and remotely

The UW Bothell Writing & Communication Center supports all prospective, current, and former UW Bothell students